Amandes are doing 6 trips per month between Panama and Colombia. That’s a way for many travellers to pass from south America to central america or vice versa by sea, visiting in the same time, the archipelago of San Blas Islands.

It s cheaper than airplane. coast 250$ more accommodation, food…

We also realise cruises for groups of two to twelve people to visit the colombians and Panamanians Islands of the caribbean sea.

We organise one-way trip, from a destination to another, and also trips from or to a same harbor. Depending on that informations and how many days you will like the cruise, 1000 per day for the boat (including captain, crews, food, diesel and taxes) more 20€ per person.

*Up to 1500€ for a day trip or a journey including nights ashore.

we ll put you r big case in a special storage and you keep with you a small bag pack with all you need during you r time inboard.

It could be a good idea to bring snack. chocolate. sodas, beers, alcool… to feel more comfortable.

and don t forget you r swimming dress, sunglasses and suncream.