The Preparation of your Trip


Europeans currencies are hard to exchange in Panama and Colombia. Only Colombian pesos and American dollars are easy to change one for the other. One US$1 is around COP$3.030 actually. Credit cards are not working everywhere or/and every time . There are some destinations which not get a cash dispenser ( Capurgana, Puerto Lindo, Portobelo, Isla Grande, Rosarios, San-Blas..), sometimes a money order on western Union can take hours to give you the money and internet connection is very slow that’s why we recommend you to have cash with you.

Before boarding, think about:

  • A high protection sunscreen
  • A tight-fitting T-shirt to snorkel
  • prepare a small bag with all you need during the trip
  • we ll put you r big case in an other storage without access
  • A lotion against mosquitos, for nights without wind and evenings ashore
  • A sweat or a light raincoat to navigate at night
  • A towel
  • we supply you with matlass sheets but not blanket
  • bring you r snack, chocolate, sodas, beers…

Inform us if:

  • You have a health problem
  • You can’t swim
  • You can’t eat certain foods

And don’t forget your bathing costume, your sunglasses, your smile and your flip-flops!