Tayrona National Park


Tayrona National Park, located 34kms from the city of Santa Marta is one of the largest natural parks in Colombia. You meet a lot of species because of different climates found from sea level to 900m of altitude, where the peaks rise.

Of the 15,000 acres that comprise the park, the marine reserve is 3000 which are divided into five bays suitable for moorings.

In 2007, a census of wildlife allowed to count:

  • 108 Species of mammals, including howler monkeys, Maicero monkeys, deers
  • 70 Species of bats
  • 300 Species of birds including eagle lonely
  • 31 Species of reptiles
  • 15 Species of amphibians
  • 202 Sponges
  • 471 Crustaceans
  • 700 Of mollusks
  • 110 Coral
  • …and 401 fishes species

There are also pre-Columbian ruins. A tour of four days with a guide can take you to the lost city, where the Tayrona Indians lived.

*Group of six people, five days minimum.