The spectacular Bay of Bocas is a mangrove labyrinth. A 42-foot Catamaran in perfect condition is based on the island Colon to offer a 4-hour afternoon tour for 60$ per person.

You can also rent the complete boat with its 4 cabins for private trips of several days. From 170$ per day for all-included.

It is a place of quality to dive.


The archipelago of Bocas del Toro is located in the northwestern corner of Panama, about 30 miles from the Costa Rican border. Bocas is booming, rapidly becoming the country’s main tourist destination. This delightful cruising ground is made up of two big bays or lagoons : Bahia Almirante and Laguna de Chiriqui, with eight major islands, 51 cays and over 200 minor islets.

Christopher Columbus discovered Bocas del Toro on his fourth and final voyage. He was awed by this region’s beauty as much as today’s visitors still are.

A great wave of immigrants came into Bocas area during the 19th century, including many black slaves from the US, San Andres and Providencia who later intermarried with the native indians.

At night, visitors and locals congregate in the numerous bars and small clubs, swaying to the reggae and calypso « riddim ».Eco and adventure tourism are popular in this laid-back Caribbean atmosphere. It’s no wonder Bocas has become so popular among sailors : the sensation of cruising in protected waters over a bottom of colorful coral and being surrounded by rainforest islets is almost irresistible.

* Group of six people, five days minimum