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With panamanian comercial flag, the 2 Amandes Dufour 50 atoll 6 made by philippe briand have 50 feet/ 15 meters long, 115 m2 of sails and 85/90cv engines. this beautiful sailboat have 6 double cabins with big space of storage, 4 bathrooms in perfect conditions. automatic pilot, GPS 2, AIS…with security inspection every year for insurance.

Reserve of water of 1500 L,  fuel tanks of 500l, solar panels, radio with USB ports gives to this large sailboat the confortable as a catamaran and it covers all your needs. The 2 amandes sails boats have the facility to go 8 nokts with or without motor giving you the security to arrive on time.

A salon of 20 m2, completely protected of sun and rain if it’s necessary, can occupy 16  people. Large space on the deck for take the sun, kitchen and oven of gas, two big fridge with space for your drinks, also a view of 360 grades to appreciate the panorama.

A professional capitan and a crew/cook to cover all your needs. we speak spanish english and french, we cook international food with fresh products. respecting vegetarians and allergies. You can bring snacks, sodas, beers

Offering you the most exquisite variety of seafood. Including water coffee and 3 meals a day. we have the snorkel and fishing equipment to your disposition. with a 3 meters long dingy and Kawak to discover the spectacular riffs of the islands and around the anchorage, if not you can just relax and admire the paradise of san blas islands.

On our way we could find some tropical species like whales, friendly dolphins , beautiful birds, turtles, striped sea, marlins and others.