Sailing in San Blas, Panama and Colombia

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Boat and Crew

Our trip:

It is a trip of 5 days in total: one day and two nights of sailing on the high seas, three days to visit several islands of the San Blas archipelago, Cayo Holandés, the Coco Banderas, Cayos Limones, Chichime, El Porvenir.

Departure from Cartagena: appointment to set sail at 8 pm. at the Nautical Club Manga.

Passengers must give us their passports the day before due to migration.

We offer 3 varied and fresh meals daily plus water, tea and coffee.

You can bring your snack, soda, beer, alcohol … there are two ice boxes for the use of passengers.

The end of the trip is the sixth day in the morning in Carti to reach Panama City by 4×4 in the early afternoon.

Additional costs:

  • $ 15 for the boat.
  • $ 30 for the 4x4 collective taxi.
  • $ 20 for the entrance to the Kuna Yala National Park.

From Panama:

A collective taxi picks you up at your hotel on the day of departure from 5:00 am.

Three hours of ground transportation and 1 hour of fast lacha (same cost of $ 65 total).

You will arrive at noon to the boat for lunch and take advantage of 3 full days to discover the secrets of this wonderful archipelago and share with the Kuna indigenous population.

We have on board a boat, a kayak, snorkeling and fishing equipment at your disposal.

Arrival in Cartagena on the fifth day in the morning, depending on the weather for navigation

Sailboats and crew

Our Amande and Amande 1 sailboats are two identical 50-foot monohulls designed by Dufour as catamarans, with a spacious saloon and 360 ° view.

They have 6 cabins and 4 bathrooms, two double en suite cabins with private bathrooms, 2 standard double cabins and 2 cabins with three single beds.

In addition, they have a capacity for 1500 liters of water, we have 2 refrigerators, 1 freezer, 2 ice boxes, 12V USB electricity, solar panels, fans in each cabin and a spacious kitchen with a gas oven.

Both ships have a Panamanian commercial flag and all the navigation material (GPS, AIS, VHF, satellite phone).

In terms of security we have: (life raft, vests, flares, SPOT, EPERB) and they are inspected annually.

Our Professional crew speaks Spanish and English and has a professional captain or sailor license.

Captain of the Amande: Tote, Colombian with more than 10 years of experience on the route.

Sailor Andrés from Colombia and Priscila from Argentina as cook.

Humberto, Colombian in command of Amande 1 for many years and with two decades sailing in the area. Dany, Spanish sailor / captain and Mary, Colombian loving cook.



Amande’s are doing six trips per month between Panama and Colombia. That’s a way for many travellers to pass from South America to central America or viceversa by sea, visiting at the same time the beautiful San Blas Islands.

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