Trip Colombia/San Blas/Panama


Trip from Panama to Colombia

600$ per person all included for a 5 days trip

Departing from Chichime

  • a 4×4 collective taxi pick up you in you r hotel in Panama city around 6am

  • 3 hours drive and 35$ to go to Carti
  • National Kuna parc entrance 20$
  • speed boat to Chichime island around 30mn 15$
  • we can organise this transport with Hostal Mamallena or Lan tour for you.
  • Departure from Porto Lindo

    • Meeting point in Hans Restaurant Casa X in Porto Lindo at 5pm

    • From Panama City : 4 hours and 7$ by public bus, 100$ by taxi or 25$ by direct shuttle bus from you r hotel
    • National Kuna parc entrance 20$
    • 7 hours night navigation to arrive after the sun rise in Chichime island

    Day 1

    • pass the day in chichime or moving close
    • snorkeling and beach with bar and volley ball.

    Day 2

    • There is a great place to snorkel : an old shipwreck in shallow water, close to Dog Island
    • We spend the night anchored in an area called Lemons cays.

    Day 3

    • in the Holandes cays we ll spend the last day
    • we ll organise BBQ with the indians Kunas
    • at night we ll leave to Cartagena.


    • Full day sailing in open sea.
    • fishing party
    • getting closed to cartagena coast.

    Day 5

    • Arrive in Cartagena with a delicious breakfast. we will stamp the passports with Cartagena custom during the afternoon.
    • The trip finishes at the Club Nautica marina, a short taxi ride to Cartagena old town for 6000 colombian pesos.


    Trip from Colombia to Panama

    600$ all included for a 5 days charter

    Getting to the boat in Cartagena

    • take a Taxi to the “Club Nautico” in the Manga district of Cartagena.
    • The taxi ride is 6000 pesos from Getsemani, the old town, or takes just a 20 minutes walk.
    • NOTE: you must give your passport to the captain or to blue sailing (calle san andres Getsemani) the day before the departure to stamp your passport.
    • we will meet you at 8pm in front of club nautico Manga
    • the last shopping in the supermarket will be at 10 pm
    • departure during the night.

    Day 2

    • it takes around 36 hours to get to San Blas Islands.
    • We ll try to catch big fishs.

    Day 3

    • we entrance with the sun rise in the archipelago between hollandais and cocos islands.
    • We ll show you the best places to swim and snorkel.
    • In the night, we organize a barbecue close to banedup with the Indians Kuna

    Day 4

    • Swim and relax amongst the islands. There is some good snorkeling along the coral wall.
    • we past the day on Dog island and porvenir for the migration.
    • we will spend the night anchored surrounding bye coral reef.

    Day 5

    • kayak, snorkel around Chichime Island.
    • we stay the full day in this paradise. Kuna Bars and BBQ

    Day 6

      Ending in Chichime

    • After breakfast a speed boat will drop you in 40mn to mainland for 15$
    • from there a collective 4×4 taxi drive you to you r hotel before midday 35$

    Ending in Porto Lindo

  • A 7 hours night navigation to arrive in Porto Lindo Bay early morning
  • A Private shuttle Will drop you to Panama City for 25$ or a public bus for 7$
  • we hope you ll have a good trip…